Innovation Technology

Data is an asset for any type of enterprise and for any market, for SMEs and Big Corporations too. Although, in order to produce knowledge it needs to be managed in the best possible way.

We are able to provide a complete data processing: from acquisition to persistence, potentially considering also the Data Fusion, following customized processes. The needed manipulation and integration are coherent with a required strategy or regulation. The mix of consolidated technologies and methodologies in the field of Data Management, with the knowledge of innovative systems, such as Streaming Analytics or Real Time Customer Experience, guarantee a result that goes beyond all expectations. Let us improve the current concept of data, and get ready for a new way to interpret reality.

Streaming Analytics

Technology change continuously as well as the way of capturing information through devices, sensors, infrastructure and applications. Let’s just think to the mobile phone: it is no longer only a tool, it has turned into a real source of data, constantly providing information, like location and preferences.

The real-time analysis of the data stream allows instantaneous decisions, basically without any delay, handling millions of events per second.

We take care of the technologic integration of devices typical of IoT with Streaming Analytics software components, combining the complexity of forecasting and predictive models. The aim is to search data patterns to obtain valuable information on a commercial and industrial level. Moreover, the anomalies are detected and monitored using an automatic alerting systems.

Real Time Decision Management

In order to be competitive, it is required responsiveness, efficient customer management, and instant decisions.

A decision-making process to integrate information provided by devices of the state of the art technology allows a total control of the situation, with an immediate impact on ROI. For instance, think about a potential customer for a website: Which information do you need? What type of information? The interesting information could be the customer’s personal data, his habits, the warehouse or the shipping, without forgetting payment information, order history, etc.

We are involved in the implementation of several projects in the Real Time field. The technology is chosen in order to refine our search of useful information for the decision-making processes, capturing the right data in the most efficient way.

Data Governance

The necessity of create a control system of the database for some organizations, such as banks or health companies; it is not only a regulatory requirement. It is needed in order to ensure fairness, transparency and traceability of the data.

The activity of Data Governance is also essential to ensure the respect of the privacy and, at the same time, to organize information to be analyzed and represented by appropriate synthesis systems.

Our distinctive feature is an innovative approach, which combines state-of-the-art concepts, such as Data Lake data integration (for instance Hadoop) or NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB), with the classical world of Data Governance. In this way, any kind of user can constantly review and control the data quality and the guidelines for security management through the Metadata definition. Moreover, it is enabled the discovery techniques typical of Data Lineage, and the possibility to integrate several sources into an easily unique accessible database.