SAS is leader in Analytics.

SAS provides software solutions for support decision-making processes, aimed at all strategic business areas and all market segments. The solutions are based on the SAS Business Analytics Framework, a flexible system that makes possible to achieve business goals and obtain the highest profit from the company’s data assets. The constant work in Research & Development, in which SAS invests a high percentage of its turnover every year, is a commitment to innovation on which SAS has believed since its foundation.

BID Company is a SAS Silver Partner and SAS Reseller Agent.

Our team has unique knowledge of the SAS world: gained on the field as SAS collaborators in the past, and continuously update through training, accordance with SAS, and in addition thanks to several key moments of developing business proposal. Therefore, BID can potentially become the first and foremost partner for the implementation of innovative projects in the field of Analytics based on SAS platform.

SAS Silver Partner

SAS Reseller Agent